Tar & Shin​gle or
Tar & Granite

Tar and shigle or tar and granite chips is a quick affordable way to transform any hard surface area with attractive and durable finish. Using modern techniques we can apply a variety of natural finishes in a variety of colours expertly and quickly.

Tar & Shingle Driveways Norfolk

As an affordable option for a quick and vast transformation creating a fresh look for your driveway, access road, farm road or parking area.

We use Polymer 94 which is more durable than natural bitumen emulsion alternatives.

A variety of dressing options is available for a finish of your choice, our most popular of which is our natural washed and dried pea shingle.


B&B Roadworks are here to assist you from the design to completion
of your project.

We cover East Anglia and provide a no obligation free quotation for any size of project.

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